Our mission is to provide you with the coaching and support you need to make positive change in your life through small, planned steps that lead to better health, improved fitness and greater understanding of your body.







My name is Josh and I help people look and feel better! As a coach and fitness trainer at FORGE Fitness and Martial Arts I have had the privilege of working and training with many amazing people in Vancouver. I look forward to coaching you towards reaching your health goals. 

My name is Audrey, a Bikini Fitness Competitor, BCRPA registered fitness professional and personal trainer. I have a huge passion for health and fitness, which is why I do what I do best: INSPIRE. With a Bachelors in Human Kinetics, I want to share my wealth of knowledge and fitness experiences in a positive outlook. 



Mon-Wed-Fri 6:00am

Cardio & strength

Supportive & friendly


Thursday 6:45pm

Female instructor

Supportive & friendly


Dorothy C


"I have learned many new ways to exercise that I would never have attempted on my own. The instructors push me to work hard and more effectively than I ever have before. Don’t be intimidated by the early mornings; the intensity of the workouts is extremely rewarding and their support makes the sessions fly by."

Paul H


"I thought I would pass on how well your new program has worked for me. Since March, I’ve lost 22 pounds and my fitness level has increased significantly. I did 'the Grind' today for the first time this year, and my time was 6 minutes faster than my fastest time last summer. Thanks!"

Shaun C


"I have been attending these boot camp classes for over three years. I have a busy life with my family (three kids!) and work is often stressful. The morning classes energize me for my day ahead and give me the strength and stamina to keep up with my active kids. The classes are fun and don’t feel repetitive because he often changes up the type of exercises we do. The instructors are knowledgeable, great motivators, and attentive to the needs of the class, especially when alternate exercises are needed because of injuries.


When I first started, I was obese, sedentary and asthmatic. Since then, I have lost many pounds. I’ve increased my energy levels and feel stronger and happier. I now go to boot camp three times a week and try the best I can to live an active life. I even started weightlifting.


Just recently we were challenged to come up with goals. Mine was to lose 10lbs in three months. I did it in 8 weeks. My asthma is affecting me less than before, I went down a few pant sizes, I renewed my self-confidence and I’ve managed to keep the weight off! The instructors helped me through the challenge with advice and encouragement."

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Classes held at Hillcrest Centre,

4575 Clancy Loranger Way,

Vancouver BC